My name is Nick Walden Poublon and I'm running for State Representative in House District 52!

    I spent more than a decade as the Student Health Advisor at Portland State University where I found a passion for health policy and a dedication to healthcare for all.

    Until recently, I served as the 1st Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Clackamas County.

    I am a PCP in HD 52 where I have lived at the base of Mt. Hood for the last fifteen years. I currently serve as the president of the Oregon Trail Democrats, a grassroots organization of Democrats in House District 51 & 52 that meets monthly and organizes on local issues. I also serve on the Democratic Party of Oregon's Rules Committee, as well as the DPO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

    I’m driven by my commitment to my friends, family and community. I want to leave the world a better place than I found it and a large part of that means creating more opportunities for my nieces and nephews than I ever had myself. It’s the same thing I want for all of Oregon’s children — the promise of a brighter future.

    The view out across our fields from my childhood home. Harrisburg, Oregon.

    "At the heart of this campaign is a dedication to building a longer table, not a higher wall."

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